Joseph Strazzeri, Esq.

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Joseph Strazzeri, Esq.


After launching my career as a real estate/land developer, I earned a law degree and found my passion as an estate, tax, and business attorney. Today, I counsel families and business owners as they navigate the complicated fields of estate, tax and business planning, and business succession, arming them with strategies for ‘what’s next’, protecting families and their assets in the process.Together with long-time friends and partners, I own five distinct brands that form a Family of Resources – an innovative business model that effectively meets clients’ varied needs over their lifetimes:

Strazzeri Mancini LLP: Helping affluent families resolve issues in estate, business and tax planning; family wealth counseling
California Estate and Elder Law: Full spectrum planning to help families preserve assets and relationships
The Founders Group: Leading business owners through all phases of business transition
Southern California Institute: Thought Leader Community providing resources, education, and advice
Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors: Advanced training and support for wealth advisors The common denominator that underlies my efforts is a ‘we-driven’ mindset, in which collaboration itself is a craft. I believe in curiosity as a first impulse, asking questions that expose the full landscape of issues – and choices, solving problems creatively and with deep empathy for clients. This ‘care to know’ philosophy celebrates the inherent magic of nuance that exists in individuals’ real-life complexities and yields best-possible client outcomes. I care deeply about my work family, I love when they are engaged, enjoying their work, and doing well. I relish time with my family, hosting gatherings, engaging in conversations, and tooling around Mission Bay. I adore fly-fishing in the Wyoming back country with friends, hip deep in swirling river waters, making the ever so imperfect cast in fly-fishing, and drinking in the singing sound of line.