EPI OC 2022 – June 9 – Business Exit Transaction Strategy: Planning, Options and Execution

The last 2 years have been crazy, and the investment banking business is no exception. Join Joe to understand the nuances in the differences of how you get a transaction done today versus how you used to get it done.  When helping a client go through a sale, understanding the process and setting expectations is still key.  The advisory team must integrate a business owner’s business, personal, and financial goals into one strategy.  Help your entrepreneurs not only understand the process but also navigate through to a successful completion with you as their key advisor.

Learning Objectives:

  • Business Succession discovery – from two partner perspectives.
  • Estate and tax planning strategies – for each partner’s family current and future lifestyle needs/goals.
  • Exit planning advisory team roles, hiccups, and collaborative process.

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Presented by Joe Strazzeri, CEPA and Shelley Lightfoot, CEPA

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