EPI SD 2023 – July 19 – Maximize the Value of Human Capital

Businesses are run by systems, processes, and people.  While the people part can sometimes be the most challenging, it is also often overlooked as a vital part to any business succession plan.  More than ever before, investors and strategic acquirers recognize the role people play in business value. People play a key role in creating efficiencies, developing new products and services, establishing the business brand and generating customer satisfaction. Josh, Daniel, and Ailene will share their expertise to help your business owners not only find and hire the best talent, but also train them to be great leaders and retain them through inclusion, empowerment, and benefits.  Explore and discuss how your clients can maximize the value of their business through human capital.

  • Finding and hiring a great leadership team to prepare for succession
  • Transformational Leadership Thinking for better results
  • Benefits and strategies to retain your leadership team

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Presented by Joshua Walters, Daniel Feiman, and Ailene Dewar

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