EPI LA – June 11 Effective Strategies Used to Transfer the Ownership of a Business

When ownership of a business changes hands, it could be to an outside buyer, family member(s), key employee(s), an ESOP…but what is the optimum way to carry out the change?  Strategies matter.  This session will cover the types of choices, the mechanics and the tax implications that should go into critical decisions to be made when it’s time for a business to change hands.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the available choices for ways to transfer ownership of a business.
  • Understand the ways in which each transfer takes place.
  • Understand the tax implications of selecting one type of transfer over another.

(Purchase of this product will include the audio presentation.  This presentation is a panel discussion and does not have PowerPoint slides.)

Presented by Joel J. Berman, Esq, Partner of Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP, Jennifer A. Post, Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP , and Thomas R. Ohlgren, CPA Principal, Tax & Accounting Services, Squar Milner.

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