EPI OC 2023 – January 12 – Kick off the New Year with a Plan to Predispose Your Clients to Yes Using Pre-Engagement Tools

From getting on the map, to having your COI’s connect you with a client, to conducting the initial contact and introductory meeting – the steps and experience prior to actual engagement are arguably the most important.  These days your favorite prospective clients are checking you out before they ever meet you.  Does your digital presence represent your true message and attract your favorite clients?  And do your marketing materials match?  Join Joe and Shelley as they share how to have your clients pre-disposed to yes before they ever meet you.

  • Learn the 10 steps to partnering for engagement
  • Gain insight into what causes clients to say yes
  • Understand Facilitation for Summary to Action

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Presented by Joe Strazzeri, Esq. and Shelley Lightfoot, CEPA

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