EPI OC 2023 – Oct 12 – Case Study: When Family Business Conflict Stalls Business Succession Planning

Ever heard of a family business that is stuck in the mud and not moving forward with their planning because they can’t get past their internal conflict?  One of the most powerful and rewarding ways to help business owners is to facilitate them through the toxicity and re-discover the alignment they once had.  Join Joe and Shelley to learn about the Dover Family – including how they found us, what our initial meetings were like, what the issues were, where they are now, and what their short and long-term plans are to relieve mom and dad from the day to day.  Learn how to identify these opportunities, solve the conflict, and in doing so, gain a fabulous long-term client for you as the trusted advisor.

  • Understand the process of establishing a family business succession plan
  • Help family businesses get “unstuck” and move past their internal conflict
  • Learn how to identify family conflict opportunities and create multi-generational relationships

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Presented by Joseph Strazzeri, Esq., CEPA and Shelley Lightfoot, CEPA

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