EPI OC – Apr 8 – Balancing Financial Success and Purpose – Communicating with Your Business Owners: Life Quotient

As the owner of a very successful business and the Visionary Director of Pathfinders, Colin is a powerhouse of knowledge, insight, and passion.  Many spiritual and successful families struggle with how to balance their success with their purpose – as well as pass along those values to the next generation.  Colin will share how you can help your business owner clients can tap their power source and harness the tools they need to not only optimize performance but live the most authentic version of themselves.  You will not want to miss this dynamic conversation!

  • Discovering and living the most authentic version of yourself
  • Running in the lane you were designed to run in
  • Discovering Synergistic Relationships – working with the people you make better and the people who you make better
  • Harnessing the tools you need for optimized performance
  • Tapping Your Power Source

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Presented by Colin Higginbottom, Visionary Director

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