EPI OC – Aug 13 – The Entole Enabled – Private Family Trust Company

The Entole™ enabled Private Family Trust Company (PFTC) – A Bespoke Fiduciary Solution to Achieve a Competitive Advantage through Enduring Professional Collaboration
Participants within the Family Office industry understand that there is a bewildering array of best practices that apply to their endeavors.  The stumbling block for many is the difficult time they have in establishing, gaining adoption, and managing those best practices.  These difficulties are then compounded because many of these best practices require ongoing inputs from the Family Office Team members, as well as third-party service providers and the Family members themselves.  Join Matthew to understand a way to help your family businesses gain “command” of the fiduciary role and reduce technical complexity with built-in best practices that deliver and measure Family Office operational success.

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Presented by Matthew Grupp, Esq.

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