EPI OC – Jan 20 – What to Look for in your Client’s Financial Statements that will Make the Biggest Difference

Business owners are often conflicted when it comes to deciding if, when, and how to transition out of the business. In reality, a deep dive and clean-up of their business operations and financials will often expand the myriad of internal and external transition options. Join Jeff as he shares how the financial statements are more than just numbers, they are a way for you to help your clients identify growth and/or financing opportunities and potential issues to remediate prior to escalation. Understand key components of balance sheets; ensure that your clients have their financial reporting available (and accurate on a timely basis); and identify the tweaks and changes that will have the biggest impact regardless of their final transition decision.

Learning Objectives: 

• Key issues to look for in financial statements
• Identify corrections that will reap the biggest impact
• How to expand transition options

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Presented by Jeffrey Kates, MBA, CEPA

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