EPI OC – Sep 10 – 21 Ways to Reduce, Defer, or Eliminate Capital Gains

Selling a business generates a combined state and federal tax obligation of 33.3% for a California resident.  However, there are, in theory, as many as 21 ways to reduce, defer or eliminate capital gains taxes.  Most people have heard of tax deferred exchanges under IRC Section 1031 and charitable remainder trusts.  However, we won’t be discussing those. Arguably the most important element is time: the farther in advance you set up the structure, the more conservative it is likely to be.  Join Bruce and Owen to discover the different tax savings options your clients have two years in advance of the sale versus the year before versus the same year.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of creative and totally legal structures to help clients reduce, defer, or eliminate capital gains taxes
  • How to identify client situations for which the various structures are most appropriate
  • Language to help turn conversations into action

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Presented by Bruce Givner, Esq.

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