EPI SD 2022 – Feb – Helping Women Generational Owners Assume the Leadership Role

The pressure of living up to what your predecessors have done—whether it be the companies and/or wealth they’ve created—can be quite crippling to those who come after them, including both lineal descendants and inheritors.  Many inheritors—especially women—never earn their own paychecks; their livelihoods are paid for by the family, trust, etc.  Join Ella as she shares how you can help these otherwise strong women develop the confidence and self-advocacy to sit in a business meeting or boardroom and feel confident in their ability to navigate those dynamics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the emerging female family leader can untangle her “self and desires from the parents’, grandparents’, and spouse’s expectations.
  • Help wealth inheritors learn self-advocacy and negotiation skills and develop their authentic voice within their family system
  • Cultivate legacy across generations

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Presented by Ella Chase Hyland

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