EPI SD 2023 – Sep 20 – Fiduciaries: Individuals, Companies, Trust Companies, and Banks

A fiduciary is defined as someone who has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of someone else.  But, considering the variety of fiduciaries your clients have access to, what are the pros and cons of the different types and what are the considerations and process for choosing the right fit for your clients and your practice.  Ann and David will compare and contrast the various fiduciary options considering the types of assets they own, including real estate, businesses, and other investments.  Explore and participate in a case study to help you determine how to guide your clients in choosing the best fiduciary option for them as well as which of them will also work with you as a collaborative partner versus an outsider.

  • Compare and contrast the best fiduciary options for your clients and your practice
  • Understand the opportunities and pitfalls involved with different types of fiduciaries
  • Discover how best to work with a fiduciary as part of the collaborative team.

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Presented by Ann Rosevear and David Osgood

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