EPI SD – Jan 20 – 2020 Business Succession Planning Case Study

Join Joe and Steve as they share the details of a real 2020 case – from the initial introduction and engagement, to the advisor collaboration and family dynamics, to the case facts and design plan. They will also share options to help decrease the cost of sale; minimize the reduction in price that inevitably comes during the due diligence process; and lessen the income and capital gains taxes – all resulting in a net increase to the client’s bank account at the end of the transaction.

Learning Objectives 

  • How to cause the engagement and manage the collaborative advisory team
  • Tax planning options to help increase the net proceeds from the sale of a business
  • Personal planning options for the family after the sale of the business and the “business of the money”

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Presented by Joseph Strazzeri, Esq. and Stephen Mancini, Esq.

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