EPI SD – Nov 18 – Buy/Sell Agreement Disasters

Entity purchase, cross purchase, trusteed cross purchase, wait and see, valuation methodologies, key person, partial redemption, reverse, and all of the other seemingly silly options and considerations that owners and advisors gloss over when setting up a buy/sell agreement create ticking time bombs and eventual disasters.  Learn from Freddy and Joseph the myriad of options and lessons learned from litigation at the back end.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review buy/sell agreements, what they are, who they protect, and how they are funded
  • Understand triggering events that activate a buy/sell agreement, both voluntary and involuntary
  • Learn the most common litigation related to a buy/sell agreement and how to avoid them

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Presented by Joseph Matuk, Esq. and Freddy Garmo, Esq.

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